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Glass News catches up with our friends at Pearl to find out how 2012 has been treating them so far. We were pleasantly surprised.


It’s approaching the end of the first quarter for 2012, and, despite tough trading conditions, it is heartening to discover that Pearl has yet again remained active in product development and market growth, now operating from a 60,000 square foot facility, which includes a new conservatory plant, as well as launching a whole new range of products.


It’s hard to believe the company was only formed in 1999, as it is now established as one of the UK's fastest growing fabricators. Product development has been integral to this well-earned reputation, and just one recent development is the introduction of Liniar as an additional window and door system – now the fastest growing window system in the UK. It is clear that Pearl recognises the need for advancement, and the range is incredibly unique and fabricator and installer friendly.


With a full range of window and door products Pearl has easily strengthened its brand to offer one of the most competitive C rated windows, with no need for fancy expensive spacer bars and gas filled units, thus saving you, the customer the margin you need to remain competitive and profitable. A market leading A+20 window is also available through Pearl, together with a window capable of achieving a 0.8 u-value. The window and door range has the additional benefit of Secured By design accreditation should your requirements need to meet such standards.



Liniar also benefits from a £2 million investment and development of their exclusive Bi Fold door range. The unique PVC Bi-Fold not only replicates the aesthetics of an aluminium Bi Fold but also has an elegant and more aesthetically pleasing look all round. Available in both trade and retail formats, the door is available to suit the needs of the market at every level, available in the traditional foil colours to match your windows and doors.


Smarts Aluminium windows and doors

Another example of the company’s foresight is the recent diversification into an aluminium product offering. Pearl is aware that looking to have an edge in the market is a tough choice that all fabricators are faced with in the current climate. Therefore, in addition to an already exciting portfolio of products, the introduction of Smarts Aluminium has been embraced with open arms from the company’s customers.


The focus has been to introduce the aluminium with the same attitude and understanding in the market that has seen Pearl exceed sales of 2,000 trade PVC frames per week in recent months, offering a basic range of windows and doors together with patios and bi folds. The offering is also designed to achieve a lead time from order to delivery of 10 working days, emphasising Pearl’s commitment to extremely high levels of service for aluminium products.


Quality procedures

Already producing in a bar coded environment, each section throughout the plant is monitored hourly for performance and order of assembly. Having seen the market reach price pressures never seen before, looking at fabrication techniques and performance is a necessity for any fabricator. Always committed to quality standards, Pearl has reached targets of 50 frames per man in the past 12 months – no mean feat, and is now looking to understand and develop these processes.


The introduction of bar coded staff offers the opportunity to expand on this, and the ability to measure performances and quality standards in real time is an amazing tool to be able to drive the business forward.


Each member of staff is now traceable in both quality and performance, discrepancies are accountable to the source, any quality breaches found at final QC inspection are taken back to source for rectification, and the operative is still monitored for performance whilst accountable for their own quality, the aim being to produce product to the correct standard in the shortest time possible. This emphasises yet again the commitment to offer customers the optimum in quality, whilst producing as efficiently as possible throughout periods of increased costs.


Electronic online ordering

Keeping in mind the need to streamline, Pearl now offers all their customers processing software, enabling each customer to price, process and place orders electronically, reducing waiting time for glass orders and paperwork.


Once your order has been sent you automatically receive an email receipting your order – a fax receipt itself is additional paperwork – and the system will give you costs from windows all the way through to Bi Folds. A further benefit being that the software is completely free of charge with the offer of on site training where required.


To find out how Pearl could help your business, call: 01942 840522, or email:

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