Liniar uPVC Windows & Doors

Energy efficient windows, stsylish and secure doors.
The most up-to-date brand of uPVC profile on the market. With a focus on research, development and design, the Liniar range continues to push the boundaries when it comes to product innovation.

  • Guaranteed

    All Liniar products are guaranteed.

  • Made in Britain

    The Liniar range is designed, manufactured and tested by Liniar Ltd at their modern extrusion facility in Derbyshire.

  • Quality Assured

    All products have been subject to the strictest quality standards, in a factory backed with ISO 9001 accreditation.

High profile products

Liniar have an absolute commitment to ensuring that each and every one of the creations they produce provides end users with exceptional advantages over those of their competitors.
Because Liniar have been able to design their range from scratch rather than attempting to improve out-of-date systems, they have been able to consider and factor in future legislation and industry guidelines.  Liniar set their stall out to cut out unnecessary costs and to provide products that are easy to manufacture, easy to install and to include a whole host of benefits and features for the end users.
This is why we firmly believe that Liniar products are the best on the market.

Thermal efficiency vs reinforcement

Many old ‘first generation’ uPVC windows relied heavily on steel reinforcement. It was considered essential to securely fix hardware such as hinges and locking mechanisms, in addition to increasing the stiffness of the frame and reducing deflection when subjected to wind gusts.

For many years, this was the accepted make up of a uPVC window – and some are still manufactured this way.

In more recent times energy efficiency became a more prominent topic and the evolution of window products continued with the introduction of uPVC thermal inserts.

These inserts replaced the thermally inefficient steel, occupying the same internal chamber and creating a multi-chambered thermal barrier in the same three-chambered profiles.

Not exactly a giant technological leap but more of a ‘gap filler’ and not without its drawbacks – these thin inserts add very little to the stiffness of the profile, nor do they provide a secure fixing for hardware.

This resulted in many window systems providers having two different offerings – one which is thermally efficient (with thermal inserts) and one suitable for enhanced security (with steel).

Liniar Products Include: