Technical overview

At Pearl, we understand that technical support is vital to ensure the smooth running of your business. Our expert teams are in place to provide a 'one stop' service resolving your enquiries


Extensive knowledge pool 

Pearl Windows has built an extensive knowledge pool over the past 13 years and will be able to assist you with all queries you may have. Furthermore, we have dedicated support from the systems company's team of experts to enhance the Pearl Windows service and ensure that you are updated with the latest product news, bulletins, building regulations and accreditations.


We offer in-house training and technical support to the Business Micros Evolution.


If required we can supply one of our service engineers to assist you with any problems or training issues you might have.


Technical literature

A range of technical literature is also available for you, including product and installation guides, environmental and accreditation manuals along with support on wind loading calculations. Our complete offering includes:

  • Product support
  • Environmental advice
  • Accreditation, regulations and standards advice
  • Survey and installation advice
  • Product and training manuals
  • Energy Rated Product support
  • New product launches and support
  • Wind Loading calculations
  • Thermal calculations
  • Factory service support
  • On-site quality support
  • New Product training
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