Whether you need to achieve a specific U value for a SAP (Standar Assessment Procedure) calculation for New-Build; capture solar energy (g value) and reduce your Carbon footprint; or are looking for functionality or style, we manufacture a range of units to suit your specification.



Variety of glass types

Glass units can be manufactured using a variety of glass types, configurations, gas or air fills and spacer bars to give a range of performance regarding thermal transmittance.




Range of styles

All glass units are available in a range of styles to enhance/compliment your application, they are available in clear/obscure glass with a range of Georgian bar styles, using toughened or laminated glass with leaded/stained finishes to achieve standard, acoustic or thermal enhanced performance as well as adding individuality to your home.


Unique Glazing System

Setting the standard.

The new Patented Double Action Bubble Gasket.

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Energy Rating

Reaching higher.

Window Energy Rating - The future of energy efficient windows.

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