Total Peace of Mind


  • Multipoint locking for each opening window
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Quality and Durability beyond the requirements of British standards
  • Steel Shootbolts
  • Mushroom Cams
  • Night Vent Position
  • Superb Corrosion Resistance
  • Simple to use Security

Guaranteed Security


Your property is constantly under threat from burglary, so much so that in recent years a range of different security products have been made available to home owners. Many modern security devices are ‘DIY’ rather than being installed from the start, but Centurion has been designed and manufactured by professionals and has been fitted to your window and installed into your home by professionals.

Up to 8 Locking Points

Centurion is a very reliable method of securing your home as it lock search window at up to eight points on the opening side. When used with high quality hinges each window is locked at up to ten different places –resisting all but the most determined thief. Centurion is crucial to passing the BS7950 security test for casement windows.

Locking Mechanism

When you close a window fitted with Centurion you shut out unwanted visitors, seal your home against the weather and give yourself peace of mind. The locking operation for Centurion could not be simpler and yet the result could hardly be more secure. With one turn of the handle your windows are locked by

  • Steel Mushroom Cams engaging in keeps designed specifically for your window
  • Two high strength steel rods locating into keeps at the top and bottom 

Centurion has been successfully tested to over 30,000 operations of opening and closing the window. And, should you happen to leave your windows open in poor weather, Centurion has been successfully tested to over 240 hours of intense salt based corrosion, exceeding the requirements of BS7412. 



Your family and possessions are precious, so having confidence in your security is vital. 


All Fullex locks are Secured by Design and exceed the highest industry security standards. When you close a door fitted with Fullex locks, you lock out unwanted visitors and protect your home from the elements.


The operation of the lock is simple and once locked you are protected by up to seven steel

locking points and smooth operation is assured by rolling steel compression cams.


You can rely on the XL range for your long term peace of mind. The XL lock has been tested to over 50,000 operations, which equates to 20 years of use.

Fullex XL multipoint lock
  • Three opposing steel hook bolts
  • Two steel anti lift bolts
  • Steel cased compression cams
  • Guaranteed security *
  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • Simple to use security