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Application forms and all other documents relating to all applicants will be kept for a minimum of 6 months.


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You may be required as part of your Application to complete the attached Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire. Are you prepared to undergo a medical examination prior to employment?*
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By completing this section you consent to the Company taking up references.

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Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions. If the answer is YES then please provide full details.
Name of Doctor


Allergies*Yes No
Asthma*Yes No
Hay Fever*Yes No


Chest Pain*Yes No
Heart Disorder*Yes No
High Blood Pressure*Yes No
Palpitations*Yes No
Rheumatic Fever*Yes No

Digestive System

Hernia*Yes No
Jaundice*Yes No
Peptic Ulcer*Yes No
Rectal Bleeding*Yes No


Dizzy Spells*Yes No
Epilepsy*Yes No
Fainting Attacks*Yes No
Paralysis*Yes No
Severe Headaches*Yes No


Kidney Stones*Yes No
Pain on Urination*Yes No
Sugar/ Albumin Urine*Yes No


Chronic Cough*Yes No
Pleurisy*Yes No
Pneumonia*Yes No
Sinusitis*Yes No
Tuberculosis*Yes No


Arthritis*Yes No
Backache*Yes No
Back Injury*Yes No
Disc Disorder*Yes No
Gout*Yes No
Joint/ Tendon Disorder*Yes No
Rheumatism*Yes No


Colour Blindness*Yes No
Ear Disorder*Yes No
Eye Disorder*Yes No
Nose Disorder*Yes No
Throat Disorder*Yes No
Speech Disorder*Yes No
Dyslexia*Yes No


Anaemia*Yes No
Anxiety*Yes No
Blood Disorder*Yes No
Cancer*Yes No
Depression*Yes No
Diabetes*Yes No
General Debility*Yes No
Insomnia*Yes No
Skin Disorder*Yes No
Dermatitis*Yes No
If YES, please give full details:

I understand that misrepresentation, falsification or omission of information requested on this application form may be a reason for dismissal.
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